Youth of British Agriculture Shines

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28th August 2018

This year’s National Young Stars event once again saw young agricultural enthusiasts descend on the Royal Three Counties Showground for two days of competition in various cattle, sheep, pigs and butchery sections.

Commenting on the event at the prize giving ceremony, event chairman Neil Lloyd said, “Yet again the standard of youngsters competing was mind blowing to see. The work these teams put in over the two days, not to mention in the run up to the event is to be commended and they’re all a credit to their sponsors, family and the industry.” 

The event, which is hugely supported by headline sponsors Allflex UK, sees more than 120 youngsters aged between eight and 26 years of age compete in various sections in competitions including stockjudging, show preparation, ring craft, public speaking, marketing and publicity and industry knowledge competitions, making this event a standalone national platform for agriculture’s next generation.

Coming through on top in the beef section winning a Norbreck Genetics and Semex clothing and genetics package was the Black as Night team, represented by Ellie Westaway, Glos; Robyn Westcott, Somerset and Kian Frain, Cornwall, who came with a pair of Aberdeen-Angus heifers. These three competitors excelled in areas of stockjudging and clipping and presentation with the judge for the latter, Wendy Morgan saying that all three individuals excelled at team work and were very clear in their approach and style of presenting their animals.

Runners up in the beef section was the Lim-It team of Emma Rathbone, Stoke on Trent; Brooks Carey, Somerset and Elliw Roberts, Anglesey, representing the British Limousin Cattle Society, while the Canadian exchange team came third.

In a change to previous years, the judges and stewards selected three individuals to represent the UK in Canada at the Royal Winter Fair, Toronto, in November. Joining beef team winner Ellie Westaway in Canada will be Michael Dumbreck and Tom Brown on the Northern Boys Charolais team.

A new competition for this year saw a dual purpose/beef untrimmed section added to proceedings with the Delightful Dexter team flying the flag for their sponsors The Wise Cow and Rayner Farms. This team consisted of Millie Bennet and Evie Welch, Somerset along with Oliver Spence, Swindon, all of which will receive a team cash prize of £300. Runners up here was the Sussex Martlets, consisting of Grace Twyman, Kent along with Sarah Dykes and Freddie Hutchings, Sussex.

Winning a trip to The European Show in Libramont having shone in the dairy section was the Roan Rangers Dairy Shorthorn team, sponsored by the Farmers Guardian. Bob Crank, Cheshire, Florence Mannerings, Kent and Hannah Morgan, Shropshire, took the top spot ahead of the Just Jerseys team of Emily Davis, Jess Ravenhill and Jess Tapp from Devon.

In the sheep lines competition was split this year in to untrimmed and trimmed sections with 10 teams competing across the board. Coming through on top in the trimmed section and winning their set of Heineger sheep clippers were the Kerry Hill Young Breeders of Chris Adamson and Henry Scott from Somerset and Tolly Ridge, Sussex. These three individuals impressed the judges with a fantastic promotional stand which won the overall promotional stand award of the show and high standard of presentation throughout all areas of the competition.

Commenting on their win, judge Brian Davies said: “These three young men are a credit to their breed and impressed us with their work ethic, teamwork ethic and dedication to the competition.” Runners up in the trimmed section were the Hampshire Down Hot Shots of Ellie Alvis, Stephen Short and Samantha Todd.

Meanwhile, in the untrimmed section, the top spot and recipients of a £300 cash prize was the Somerset-based Dorset Down Dazzlers team with Alex and Aaron Hext and Harry Stamp. This team gained strong points in all sections with nine-year old Harry Stamp particularly impressing the judged with his strong work ethic over the two days.

Runners up in this section was the Blue Texel Sheep Society’s True Blues team, consisting of Harvey Heath, Derbyshire, Ted Lloyd, Herefordshire and Jack Bodily, Monmouthshire. 

Yet again entries in the pig section were incredibly strong with 17 teams entered. Coming through on top to retain their title from last year was the Massey Divas team of Grace Bretherton, Lancashire and Lincoln based Charlotte and Eve Ashcroft. This team who will receive Allflex sponsored pig equipment also won the Royal Smithfield Club overall points trophy across the entire show, winning 948 points out of 1000.

Runners up in the pig section was the Spotty Trotters team of Ella Kirtley, Sarah Whitely and Charlotte Gill, Yorkshire, with their Gloucester Old Spot team.

Jess Pugh of the Shropshire-based Ludlow Food Centre returned to the Malvern Showground to retain her Royal Smithfield Club sponsored butchery title from last year. Jess impressed the AHDB judge Martin Eccles and independent butcher Viv Harvey with her butchery knowledge, thorough work process and imaginative presentation skills.


Under 16 awards

  • Beef: Kian Frain, Black as Night
  • Untrimmed Sheep: Harry Stamp, Dorset Down Dazzlers
  • Trimmed Sheep: Owen Powell
  • Dairy: Hannah Morgan, Roan Rangers
  • Pigs: Olivia Holtman, Rimrock Rascals
  • Dual Purpose/Untrimmed Cattle: Freddie Hutchings, The Sussex Martlets

Beef Trimmed (Judges Hazel Timmis and Wendy Morgan)

  1. Black as Night, sponsored by Davey’s Livestock Transport Ltd, Glympton Farms and Melview Farming: Ellie Westaway, Kian Frian and Robyn Westcott
  2. Lim-It, sponsored by the British Limousin Cattle Society: Emma Rathbone, Brokks Carey and Elliw Roberts.
  3. Team Canada, sponsored by 4-H Canada: Connor Rodger, Travis Fulford and Katie Elmhirst.
  4. The Northern Boys, sponsored by the British Charolais Cattle Society: Michael Dumbreck, Tom Brown and Harry Stobart.

Dual purpose/untrimmed cattle (Judges Haxel Timmis and Wendy Morgan)

  1. Delightful Dexters, sponsored by The Wise Cow and Rayner Farms: Millie Bennett, Evie Welch and Oliver Spence.
  2. The Sussex Martlets, sponsored by The Sussex Cattle Society and Bungehurst Farm: Grace Twyman, Sarah Dykes and Dreddie Hutchings.

Dairy (Judges Molly Westwood and Katie Davidson)

  1. Roan Rangers, sponsored by The Farmers Guardian: Bob Crank, Florence Mannerings and Hannah Morgan.
  2. Just Jerseys, sponsored by the Jersey Cattle Society of the UK: Emily Davis, Jess Ravenhill and Jess Tapp.
  3. Red Revolution, sponsored by NMR: Nyomi Bandd, Dave Madeley and Anna Crank.
  4. English Guernsey Cattle Society, Sponsored by the English Guernsey Cattle Society: Heather Limon, Charlotte Limmond and Hannah Garrett. 

Sheep (Judges Brian Davies and Colin Phillips)


  1. Dorset Down Dazzlers, sponsored by Calcott Hill Farm: Alex Hext, Aaron Hext and Harry Stamp.
  2. True Blues, sponsored by the Blue Texel Sheep Society: Harvey Heath, Ted Lloyd and Jack Bodily.
  3. Southdown, sponsored by the Southdown Sheep Society: Mollie Gamble, Nick Cooper and Elliece Kempster.
  4. Rocking Romneys, sponsored by Lovejoy Farm Partnership, Owen Building, Ashford and District YFC and KYFC: Amy Langdon, Will Edmonds and Chloe Lovejoy.


  1. Kerry Hill Young Breeders, sponsored by the Kerry Hill Flock Book Society: Chris Adamson, Henry Scott and Tolly Ridge.
  2. Hampshire Hot Shots, sponsored by Hampshire Down Breeders Association, I’Ansons, Fane Valley Stores, Lidl, Dunbia and Cowan Haulage: Ellie Alvis, Stephen Short and Samantha Todd.
  3. Ryeland Young Breeders, sponsored by Ryeland Flock Book Society and Estate Country Feeds: Matthew Pink, Philippa Grey and Harry Watson.
  4. Shropshire Young Shepherds, sponsored by Shropshire Sheep Breeders Society: Ellie Russell, George Clay and Owen Powell.

Pig (Judges Tom Blunt, David Fieldhouse and Denis Elliot)

  1. Massey Divas, sponsored by Massey Brothers Feeds Ltd: Grace Bretherton, Charlotte Ashcroft and Eve Ashcroft.
  2. Spotty Trotters, sponsored by The Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders Club:  Ella Kirtley, Sarah Whitley and Charlotte Gill.
  3. Sizzling Saddlebacks, sponsored by Cornish mutual and Stud Farm Meats: Charlotte Oliver, Merryn Philp and Lissy Horsley.
  4. Piggy Pilots, sponsored by British Lop Pig Society: Connie Dallaway, Eleanor Arden and Aimee Jeeves. 

Butchery (Judges Martin Eccles and Viv Harvey)

  1. Jess Pugh, sponsored by the Ludlow Food Centre
  2.  Jake Edwards, sponsored by Althams Butchers
  3. Ben Greenfield, sponsored by Greenfield Lamb